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Turning Over a New Leaf in Paper Recycling with AI Technology

Plastics recycling (or lack thereof) has received a lot of media attention over the past few years, especially since the enactment of the Chinese National Sword Policy in 2018. So many single-use products are made of plastics, including grocery store bags, restaurant straws, and take-away containers. Plastic is also applied to most products that we…
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25% RCP Tariff Means No Movement in the Market

A new 25% tariff will be imposed on August 23, fulfilling most of the expectations the industry predicted. The tariff has directly affected the market, and suppliers are battling price cuts from buyers. This week, Berg Mill highlights the new RCP import tariff and how the market is being affected. Industry Behaviors Even though the…
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China Proposes New Import Bans

Last month officially marked a year after China announced their mixed paper import ban. Recyclers have struggled to make progress during this difficult time, and it is about to get even more challenging with China’s most recent announcements. Berg Mill reports the industry updates and how this has affected trade flow. (more…)
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