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Confronting “the Plastics Paradox” as it Emerges

Plastics recycling is often lauded as a progressive step towards helping the environment. But there are underlying issues with plastics production, use, and recycling that are creating what is often referred to as “the Plastics Paradox.” (more…)
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Revamping the Realm of Recycling for Future Generations

Berg Mill has been a pioneer in the field of sustainability and adaptability for nearly a century. Finding new homes for recoverable materials and idle scrap is an ongoing and everchanging process that has to adapt with local and international changes. (more…)
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The Alliance to End Plastic Waste: a Hopeful but Mixed Message

The Alliance to End Plastic Waste (AEPW), an initiative made up of 28 companies, announced on January 16 its aim to help end plastic waste through infrastructure, innovation, education, and cleanup programs. While the efforts to clean up the oceans and reduce plastic waste would generally be applauded, some are skeptical of the alliance’s motives.…
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