Material Recovery

Material Recovery

Material Recovery Berg

Berg Mill Supply Company’s role is crucial toward the success of many MRF’s (Material Recovery Facility) lining the west coast. Our goal is for MRF’s to understand highest product revenue with lowest cost structure. Some of our staff members have MRF operational experience to recognize MRF’s needs and what we can offer them. We market and transport various paper, plastic, and metal grades that MRF’s produce while advising issues of quality control and efficiency through onsite representation.

We provide more than a price for commodities. We employ a friendly and competent staff that delivers excellent customer service. When working with MRF’s, we are present at the MRF plants and suggest improvements for processes in order to maximize time, efficiency, and upgrade material quality. We also monitor inventories daily to ensure consistent flow of product to guarantee you get what you need in a timely manner including your compensation.

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