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BCOs hit by Proposed California Container Fee

Click here to view the Cesar Chavez Day 2017 schedule for the Ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Oakland. While the ports will remain open normal hours, several of the piers will be closed both shifts so make sure to check for details on specific locations. BCOs hit by Proposed California Container Fee Those…
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Berg Mill Supply Company has been a waste generator advocate for over fifty years, serving and consulting with businesses across all industries – including apparel retailers, grocers, thrift shops, and material recovery facilities – to develop comprehensive and industry-unique waste strategies. Our primary goal is to add value to businesses by offering additional revenue streams,…
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Tackling the Challenges of Selling Business Waste

Recycling should be a net positive for your business, not a revenue drain. Berg Mill Supply Co. has a team of industry veterans with the know-how and resources to make your business’ waste streams competitive with virgin raw materials. Whether you have an existing recycling infrastructure in need of fine-tuning or would like to analyze…
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