Our History


Berg Mill’s rich history reaches back a century, to the Berg family’s collection of companies, including paper, metal, and textile recycling. Early in the 1920s the Berg Family of companies included Berg Metals along with a number of other smelters headed by M.F. Berg, and the Berg Brothers.  The family has very prominent in and around San Diego centering around San Diego Mill Supply, and in Los Angeles, California Mill Supply.

Forty years later, launching a business dedicated to minimizing and repurposing waste was a natural move for founder, Roger Berg.

Roger Berg founded Berg Mill Supply Company on November 16, 1962, as one of the first brokering companies operating without its own recycling yard. The company was formally incorporated just over five years later, in January 1968.

In addition to supplying materials to domestic mills, Roger was an early pioneer reaching across the Pacific to supply international manufacturers in emerging markets – China, Vietnam, and other Pacific Rim countries. Growing opportunities in international markets led the company to enter into a partnership in the summer of 1970, to form Classic Fibres, Inc., Berg Mill Supply’s export division. One year later, Classic Fibres became the first exporter to ship wastepaper in sea containers instead of break bulk.

Berg Mill History Time Line

Equipped with over 100 years of experience in the industry, Berg Mill Supply Co. stands out from competitors through the personal touch and incomparable service the staff provides. One of the many examples is when Oakland’s 2011 Longshoreman strike put pressure on client businesses, Berg Mill Supply established local warehouses allowing them to continue operations. As an organization, Berg Mill Supply Co. values long term business relationships, offers strong markets, and delivers competitive pricing and fast payment.

Berg Mill Supply Co. today remains a family owned and operated company focused on ethical business practices with a mind to innovate to meet the demands of an ever-changing market. The company works to keep materials in domestic markets whenever possible, living up to the high standards business partners have come to expect. Berg Mill Supply Co. has established a reputation of trustworthiness by honoring long term relationships and performing at a consistently high level regardless of market conditions.

Berg Mill Supply Co. leadership is committed to honoring long term relationships and building new ones, in an effort to continue to adapt and innovate in keeping with the founder’s vision and now carried on by the current CEO Daniel Marks (4th Generation).