Monthly Archives: August 2017

China officially bans mixed paper imports

Just recently, China announced additional regulations that officially prohibit the import of all mixed paper by December 31st of this year. On August 16th, China updated the “Catalogue for the Administration of the Import of Solid Waste” to include custom codes 4707900010 and 4707900090, which pertain to mixed paper. The prohibition covers four classes and…
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Is zero waste financially viable for US companies?

Countries around the globe are adopting zero waste to landfill policies to help combat greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and recapture valuable materials. Legislative measures are holding businesses accountable for their waste – from the point of extraction to processing and manufacturing, aiming to replace the disposable economy with a sustainable circular model. While such measures…
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China’s material bans affect some materials more than others

China makes rumors official, notifies WTO of solid waste imports ban In the latter half of July, China notified the World Trade Organization (WTO) of their proposed solid waste imports ban, citing environmental and human health and safety concerns as the primary reasons for the material embargo. According to the WTO filing, the prohibition will…
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