Monthly Archives: July 2017

Advanced robotics will revolutionize MRF operations

In as few as 5 to 6 short years, sophisticated robotic technology could provoke a major paradigm shift in the recycling industry. While robotics is by no means a nascent branch of science, strides in artificial intelligence (AI) and sensors have enhanced the technology’s capabilities. Major changes are expected on the horizon, according to International…
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Overcoming the Business Challenges of Single Stream Recycling

Why did municipalities throw sorting to the curb? 80 percent of California jurisdictions offer single stream or mixed curbside collection- a representation of the growing nationwide trend that allows residents to throw paper, plastic, metal, and glass into the same bin. States with ambitious recycling goals, such as California’s 75 percent recycling rate by 2020,…
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National Sword the precursor to outright material bans?

Actions recently taken by National Sword-wielding Chinese agencies are beginning to resemble the FBI’s efforts to combat drug smuggling in the eighties. In the blown-out style of Netflix Narcos, 172 enforcement officers raided 16 warehouses around Guangdong, capturing five smugglers- claimed by officials as members of an “organized illegal gang”- as well as $146 million…
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