a few words about us

Roger Berg, Founder of Berg Mill Supply Co.

Roger Berg created Berg Mill Supply Company in 1962 as a passing torch from one generation to the next. Roger was next in the long line of passionate recyclers who made their fortunes in the industry. Berg Mill quickly became a preferred supplier to domestic mills and was an early pioneer that supplied manufacturers in China and other Pacific Rim countries. Berg Mill Supply created their export arm, Classic Fibres, Inc., in 1971 as a result of entering diverse markets.

Berg Mill adds value that cannot be bought or measured with money. Our philosophy is to give real service through sincerity and integrity while contributing to a sustainable planet. We aim to do business with Material Recovery Facilities (MRF’s) in California and its surrounding states and anyone who generates scrap in large quantities, which include recycling facilities, super markets, and large distribution centers.

We continue to be recognized as a leader in the industry priding ourselves on a commitment of over 50 years of experience in the making. We have a dedicated team prepared to help producers and consumers, whose needs we continue to serve through innovative thinking in facilitating niche market demands. Berg Mill offers an abundant amount of services from buying scrap to processing CRV and includes expedited pay plus 24 hour guaranteed pick up. We have established our position through long-term relationships and our consistent performance through all market conditions.


Mission, vision & values


Our vision and belief in contributing to a sustainable planet, leading us on our path of environmental management for future generations.


Berg Mill purposes to create value by bringing green solutions to those generating waste and to consumers who want recyclable materials.


We endeavor to eliminate human specific impacts by directing materials for highest and best use to an equally minded environmentally conscious manufacturing sector.

our team