Value Added Consulting

Berg Mill Supply Company builds personal relationships through consultations and customer service. We hold ourselves accountable to high standards as your best interests are our primary concerns. Determining the highest value for material at the lowest operational cost adds value with each of our clients. We market all material grades and work as your sole provider of recycling management.

We provide onsite representation to shape your goals into an expertly designed and well-crafted program from the point of waste generation to consumption by the end user. Our value added consulting services allow for maximization of profits through material assessment of your recycling program. Our guidance and hands on approach ensures you are receiving the best waste management possible. This transpires through the interpretation and implementation of material specifications enforced by China’s Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ), and the China Commodities Inspection Company (CCIC).

Berg Mill provides a no cost pre-inspection of material in order to certify that all quality specifications are in compliance with acceptable standards. We believe these efforts assist in significantly reducing material rejection and enhance our customer service.

We are not like most suppliers who are inundated with excessive proposals and offers. We take the extra step with all of our clients and ensure active participation with them in all aspects. We concentrate on doing our job so our clients can focus on theirs. We move material at a high rate to direct end markets and always seek domestic selling. Sometimes selling overseas is a better option when domestic selling is not available or feasible. China and the USA are the main markets though others include Malaysia, Vietnam, and India.

Our global platform of environmentally conscious end users showcases your products to a broad market. We brand your materials in mills and assure continued movement with favorable pricing. Berg Mill maximizes your profits while minimizing your involvement.

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MRF Consulting

Berg Mill Supply (BMS) is an industry pioneer with over 57 years of experience offering incomparable service with a personal touch. We have ongoing MRF experience and can tailor a program to your operational needs and organizational goals. We understand labor costs, production efficiency, diversion, safety, and quality control.

In this time of industry change, BMS will support your unique operational needs with expertise and personal touch.


CRV Redemption Processing
BMS holds a processing license issued by the state of California which qualifies us to "Cancel" your CRV loads and pay for them.

Accounts Receivable Consolidation
We will purchase all the commodities generated, so you do not spend time dealing with payment and credit issues. Our U.S. based company has been dependable creditor for 57 years. We will provide steady cash flow for your operation and negotiate claims on your behalf.

Quality Control
We will establish quality standards to be met for each grade, train the staff in those standards, and provide ongoing characterizations giving you required feedback with documentation to prove the quality.

Sorter Training
We will train sorters on what and how to safely pick from the line. We will implement sorter pick rate standards and the process to maintain them.

Inventory and Shipping Processes
We will establish protocols to ensure shipping security and implement inventory procedures that will keep the material moving steadily to market.

Equipment Optimization
We will work with the operators to achieve the best output from machinery. We are able to finance equipment purchases.


Option 1:
Paid Consulting Services

We will provide paid consulting services in any of the listed areas. Before we start, we will refine your desired outcome and our plan to provide it. We will work onsite and off to complete the project and present the results in a written report. We will work with the staff to implement the changes and then quantify the results to show that the correction was successful.

Option 2:
Materials Marketing Agreement

We will provide all these services at no additional cost when a Materials Marketing Agreement is put in place. BMS will represent your commodities in both domestic and international markets. We will use our global network to constantly research market opportunities to determine the best destinations for each commodity grade. We market all grades of paper, plastic, and metal, plus other miscellaneous items. BMS will balance the need for competitive markets for recyclables with the equally important need of maintaining consistent material movement.


Our approach is to identify points at which we can add value to the operation.

  • Where are the bottle-necks that need to be addressed?
  • Where can costs be taken out or revenue increased?
  • How can cash flow be improved?
  • How can quality be improved?

Once we identify the points to be addressed, we will propose and implement solutions that work in concert with your goals and parameters. While we can work on a fee for service basis, we are at our best when the services are provided as part of material marketing agreement. If we become your marketing arm, the cost for the services is covered in the contracted margin.