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Overcoming the Business Challenges of Single Stream Recycling

Why did municipalities throw sorting to the curb? 80 percent of California jurisdictions offer single stream or mixed curbside collection- a representation of the growing nationwide trend that allows residents to throw paper, plastic, metal, and glass into the same bin. States with ambitious recycling goals, such as California’s 75 percent recycling rate by 2020,…
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Recycled cardboard prices reach record-breaking highs

US old corrugated container (OCC) or recycled cardboard prices have continued to climb for eight of the last nine months. June has seen the largest hike since September 2016, jumping $37/ton for export OCC. In fact, this month’s containerboard price hikes have beat out monthly increases recorded by Pulp & Paper Weekly over the last…
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Top 5 Health and Safety Risks Faced by Recycling Workers

Recycling workers, especially sorters, play a crucial role in the quality of feedstock, ultimately affecting marketplace values and the profits businesses are able to generate from their recyclable commodities. While sorting and processing technologies have come a long way, they cannot replace the dexterity and decision-making capabilities of human beings. Workers are confronted by many…
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