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Updates and developing stories in our industry or industries we interact with.

News Brief: Week of December 12, 2016

This week, our main story covers recent turbulence in the recovered paper (RCP) market in China, where seller speculation and buyer panic are leading to price instability. We'll also consider the drop in West coast recycling rates and what we can do to give them a boost. But first, in the spirit of the holidays,…
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News Brief: Week of November 28, 2016

This week, we'll be taking a look into China RCP import price negotiations, US waste generation, and compliance with OSHA safety standards. Read on below to learn how these happenings may affect the recycling and trade industry. Before we take a look at this week's recycling and shipping news, the board of directors of ISRI…
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News Brief: Week of November 21, 2016

There are a wave of new questions coming with a changing administration in the US, as well as regulatory changes in the industry. Below we’ve summarized some of the important news we’re reading about what’s happening in the recycling and shipping industries. You can click here to view the holiday schedule for the Ports of…
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