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Changing Plastics Recycling Through Polymer Innovation

Plastic is the primary material used in packaging consumer goods worldwide, but only 14% of that plastic is recycled, and even less is recycled for similar purposes. This is a missed opportunity of an estimated $80-120 billion in potential revenue, according to a new report released by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. When a chemical breakthrough…
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National Sword Update

China is three weeks into their recent crackdown on scrap material imports known in English as “National Sword 2017”. Through this effort, China has exposed smuggling operations which has led to dozens of arrests. In addition, China has confiscated more than 22,000 tons of material. National Sword 2017 is being viewed as an updated version…
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“National Sword”: China Cracks Down on Scrap Plastic Imports

China is continuing their crackdown on foreign waste with a newly announced campaign known as “National Sword 2017”, targeting plastics, industrial waste, electronics, and other household waste materials. The primary named goal is to monitor organized crime such as the smuggling of guns and illegal drugs. The new campaign was launched during a meeting in…
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Global Recyclable Market Trends Favor Suppliers

The focus on the recovered paper (RCP) or scrap paper sector began fall of last year with rising prices of old corrugated container (OCC)- familiar to most as cardboard. OCC price hikes caused a butterfly effect of rising prices across most grades of scrap paper, including old newspaper (ONP) and mixed paper. Here's a general…
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