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Does Capitalism Bring out the Worst in Recycling?

In the current financial, political, and social climate, the debate over the form of our economic system and its potential influence spans beyond economics. It has permeated nearly every sphere of human life including recycling, sustainability, and the state of the ecosystem. (more…)
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Turning Over a New Leaf in Paper Recycling with AI Technology

Plastics recycling (or lack thereof) has received a lot of media attention over the past few years, especially since the enactment of the Chinese National Sword Policy in 2018. So many single-use products are made of plastics, including grocery store bags, restaurant straws, and take-away containers. Plastic is also applied to most products that we…
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Taking A Look at China After the National Sword

For nearly three decades, the U.S. has been shipping their recyclables to China. It was a mutually beneficial relationship born from the U.S.’s overproduction of single use plastics and China’s need for raw materials. (more…)
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The Recycling Industry Cannot Waste Its Opportunity

While the prices for recycled commodities remain low, it’s clear that the recycling industry will persist—even in times when the consumer economy may be in recession. There has been a growing pessimism in the wake of the Chinese National Sword Policy over the economic viability of recycling, but experts in the financial industry bet on…
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