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Has the Cardboard Recycling Industry Fallen Flat?

Along with plastics and paper products, the demand for imports of old, corrugated cardboard (OCC/Containerboard) from the U.S. has continued to decrease this past year following import policy changes in China and other major buyers. Although the Chinese government has issued imports for more than 5.5 million tons of OCC this year, import permits do…
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Are Indonesia’s New RCP Import Requirements Breaking the Bale?

Recycling industry stakeholders have held their breath as new import bans and restrictions for scrap have gone into effect in major markets. The Indonesian government’s 0.5% contamination limit and policy to inspect 100% of incoming bale shipments of recovered paper (RCP) imports was to go into effect at the beginning of April. (more…)
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Exporting Pollution and Smuggling Scrap

A two-week investigation of Malaysian imports revealed that U.S. shipments of scrap plastic may be getting into the country despite rigid import regulations designed to keep them out. (more…)
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