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Trump’s Pick for EPA: What Does it Mean for Recycling?

The answer? Nobody knows for sure. However, Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt's track record speaks for itself. While Resource Recycling states they have found no records of the noted climate change denier's opinion specific to solid waste management or recycling, they highlighted Pruitt's tendency to sue the very agency which he intends to head.  There…
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Chinese Recycled Container Boards: Rising Prices from Demand

According to RISI, a pulp and paper industry data company, recycled container board- material made from wood fiber and used to make familiar items such as cardboard boxes- has seen steady price increases since the beginning of last year, spiking suddenly in November of this year. For comparison, since January 2015, scrap paper grades have…
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News Brief: Week of December 12, 2016

This week, our main story covers recent turbulence in the recovered paper (RCP) market in China, where seller speculation and buyer panic are leading to price instability. We'll also consider the drop in West coast recycling rates and what we can do to give them a boost. But first, in the spirit of the holidays,…
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Why Berg Mill Goes Green

The past several years have witnessed a near-revolution in the environmental standards guiding business operations and even individual citizens. There’s more recycling, an emphasis on environmentally friendly household products, and a concentrated effort to minimize waste. We’re going to highlight the benefits of going green and explain how it’s simple to make a positive impact.…
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