Revamping the Realm of Recycling for Future Generations

Berg Mill has been a pioneer in the field of sustainability and adaptability for nearly a century. Finding new homes for recoverable materials and idle scrap is an ongoing and everchanging process that has to adapt with local and international changes.

This February, Berg Mill has had the honor of being featured in Business in Focus Magazine’s issue “Preparing for an Aging Population: The Importance of Sustainable Health Care Systems.” This topic couldn’t be more relevant to Berg Mill’s mission to secure a clean and bright future for future generations.

One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure

When people think of California, they think of Hollywood, Universal Studios, and Disneyland. But recycling is also a particular passion of the people of California, even if it sometimes gets buried under the glamour of Los Angeles. Berg Mill prides itself on its ability to see the value in what others have discarded. We see all scrap and discarded materials as potential revenue and reusable materials, and we won’t stop finding ways to find the value in what some consider trash.

Sustainability Starts at Home

The values of sustainability, adaptability, and dependability that Berg Mill delivers in environmental management are also practiced in our own business management. Working at Berg Mill is a labor of passion for the environment and what’s best for future generations—and that shines through the people who choose to devote their lives to our mission. Our values attract hard working, loyal, and dependable workers that invest in our mission and in our companies’ success. In return, we invest in our employees. There is beautiful sustainability in a working relationship where an employee and company invest in and see value in one another.

Most of our team has been with Berg Mill for as many as 20 years, and as they learn to adapt to the changes in their own lives, they are helping us adapt to the global changes of recycling and materials recovery.

Change is Sustainable

We have faced a number of challenges over the years as the process of recycling fluctuates with the changing world. However, we will continue to adapt to any changes that are thrown at us and flourish—because this is the true spirit of sustainability.

Especially as the demand for paper and plastic waste plummets in China, we will need to be strategic about creating new plans for sustainability going into the future. Sustainability means being ready to make difficult changes in the interest of a brighter, long-term future.

Berg Mill has a long history as one of the pioneers in the industry, and we are not going anywhere even when faced with recyclable import changes. If you continue to handle large amounts of recycled waste and are looking for solutions to offload idle scrap, please contact our industry veterans at Berg Mill Supply.