Bans on Foam Disposal: Does it Help or Hurt Businesses?

Vancouver metropolitan area authorities are considering adding expanded polystyrene (EPS), a popular lightweight packing material, to a list of materials banned from disposal. According to an article on Plastics Recycling Update, this list includes the following materials:

  • corrugated containers;
  • yard debris and food scraps;
  • containers made of glass, PET, HDPE, LDPE, or PP;
  • all beverage containers (excluding milk cartons);
  • clean wood.

Regional disposal facilities are expected to pay an additional fee if banned materials are found in their garbage. While surcharges are an annoyance for business, banning EPS could increase the pool of recyclable raw materials that can be resold to downstream buyers. Packing and shipping businesses and recyclers could capitalize on the ban by offering drop-off locations.

The ban is currently only in consideration. There will be a workshop held this week for an opportunity to listen to feedback and answer questions. If approved, the EPS ban would not go into effect until the beginning of 2018.

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