How Trash is Recycled with Reading Rainbow

Here at Berg Mill, we know all about materials recycling. So much so that we sometimes take the process for granted. But we realize that not everyone knows what goes into the process of recycling our reusable trash, so we teamed up with the experienced educators at Reading Rainbow to put together this tour of the Gold Coast Recycling facility at E. J. Harrison & Sons in Ventura, California.

Though geared for kids, it’s a fascinating insight into what happens when recyclable materials (comprising 7% of our trash) get to the recycling center. Materials are sorted, using a combination of technology (like magnets) and human sorters. Once sorted, the materials are bundled for processing.

As the host, LeVar Burton, points out, recycling is a crucial step to preserving our limited national resources. But in addition to helping our planet, recycling also makes economic sense, since extracting raw resources can be a costly, slow process. Recycling, on the other hand, takes materials which otherwise would have sat in a landfill, taking up space, and makes them usable again. Berg Mill acts as a distributor, taking those recycled materials from Material Recovery Facilities, like the processing plant in the video, and shipping those materials to locations all over the world.

Berg Mill offers the following recycled materials: Paper ProductsPlastic ProductsGlass Products, and Metal Products. Click each link to find out more about the specific types of recycled products included in each group.