The Auctioning of Plastic Scrap in Hong Kong

Sea containers loaded with plastic scrap from all over the world are not able to enter the People’s Republic of China due to the National Sword inspection regiment. These 5,000 sea containers are currently located in Hong Kong, where they may be auctioned off.

They are hoping to auction off these containers to potential buyers in Southeast Asia. Since the speed of clearance has been majorly slowed down by China’s process of checking each container to be cleared, the mass amounts of containers have been sitting stagnant at the Hong Kong port.

The China Scrap Plastic Association states that China’s Customs has not clarified which types of these goods will be allowed to enter into the state. The scrutiny that China’s Customs has had on plastic scrap licenses has added to the delays. They are examining these licenses to ensure that they are not borrowed, or sold illegally.

Due to the lack of alternate channels to which these goods can be transported, shippers and receivers have decided to wait for restrictions to become more relaxed. Unfortunately, there is no sign of improvement any time soon.

In order for buyers to trade with owners face-to-face, the CSPA has decided to arrange a special session for these containers can be auctioned off. They have announced that the “Global Auction of 5,000 containers in Hong Kong” will be launched at the ChinaReplas 2017 Exhibition on May 11-12th 2017. This exhibition will take place in Dongguan, China. Through this event, the CSPA hopes to help container owners find suitable buyers for their containers.

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