New Information Regarding China’s National Sword Campaign

The Reform Enforcement Taskforce of China’s Central Government had their 34th meeting which was held by President Xi. During the meeting, they reviewed and approved the program regarding “Prohibition on import of selected solid waste imports management.”

The meeting was held to focus on the conditions of the state. The Reform Enforcement Taskforce wants to ensure that China’s environmental, safety, and health conditions are preserved.

They also are focusing on improving the solid waste imports management system. They are hoping to do so by industry segment as well as adjusting the nature at which they import solid waste.

In addition, in order to improve the solid waste imports management system, they are also working on providing timelines for solid waste imports prohibition. The import catalog will be adjusted according to category and batch. The adjustment will be made in order to significantly lower the type and volume of imports through economic, legal and administrative means.

They claim that by adjusting the import catalog, the reuse and recycling management of solid waste will be strengthened, which will help with the development of the circular economy.

Here at Berg Mill we are hearing different stories from everyone.  It is difficult to tell what exactly will be banned, and what will not.  What we do know is that China is more serious than ever and banning mix paper is not out of the question at this time.  Many suppliers may have to go back to the “old way of doing things” which means cleaner material, or it will not be able to ship.  Plastics and other contaminants will most likely have to be removed from mix paper in order to ship to China.  More to come on this soon….

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