Berg Mill Expands Services in the South West

Berg Mill Supply can now say we own and operate a recycling processing plant of our very own! We recently purchased Yuma Recycling in Arizona. This move comes naturally, as we have been valued partners to Yuma Recycling for over thirty years. We intend to build on the previous ownership’s success with our global market perspective and lengthy industry history.


This opportunity allows us to expand recyclables management services in the South West. We can purchase the widest range of materials of anyone in the area, including ferrous and non-ferrous metals, all grades of paper, cardboard, and all grades of plastics.


With the most powerful collection of processing equipment in the South West area, including an Excel two-ram baler, Colmar 800-ton baler/logger/shearer, and Colmar 605 Excavator, Yuma Recycling can process materials onsite and accept baled and loose materials. Berg Mill can also arrange transportation to pick up combination loads and ship them worldwide.


There will also be a full-time recycling consultant in Yuma to help businesses design a recycling program to reduce their waste. There are countless options for companies to add value to their business through recyclables. Our Yuma recycling consultant will help clients transform waste into assets at reduced costs by creating custom recyclables solutions.


Berg Mill’s mission is to add value to businesses through sustainable waste solutions using our global market perspective and over fifty years experience with recyclables management. We are working continuously to strengthen our network and expand our resources to remain agile under fluctuating market conditions, providing our clients with revenue stability.


If you operate a business in the South West area and would like to generate additional revenues, contact Berg Mill Supply to explore your waste-to-income options. You can also follow Yuma Recyclers on Facebook.

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