Berg Mill Supply Company has been a waste generator advocate for over fifty years, serving and consulting with businesses across all industries – including apparel retailers, grocers, thrift shops, and material recovery facilities – to develop comprehensive and industry-unique waste strategies. Our primary goal is to add value to businesses by offering additional revenue streams, while reducing costs associated with recycling. We realize every client's needs are different, so we always begin with a consultation. Here’s how we do it:

  • Analyze the composition of your waste stream to determine processing and sales possibilities.
  • Find the most efficient means of disposal and relative labor requirements.
  • Match materials to markets based on highest and best use.
  • Determine the best strategy based on budgetary constraints and future growth.

We send our experienced company representatives to discuss your needs and later involve the executive team for an in-depth review once we’ve found a solution that makes financial sense for your business and you're ready to commit to a partnership. Involving executives is vital for several reasons:

  • Top-tier management has the authority to make policy changes, drastically shortening the time between identifying and rectifying an issue. Office staff maintains a direct line of communication, enabling BMS executives to take immediate action on any financial or logistical issues.
  • Our CEO, COO, and CFO are all "short-sleeved" executives who have done (or are actively doing) the jobs BMS consults on. Each of their unique perspectives comes from hands-on experience in marketing, monitoring market conditions, operations and material standards, and the financial foundations required to make realistic business decisions.
  • Berg Mill executives have a lengthy history with and deeply vested personal interest in the success of our company and its partners. Our prosperity is only possible because of the relationships we foster with our clients. We push to move beyond purchasing arrangements to form long-lasting partnerships.

Whether you need a targeted analysis of a specific aspect of your recycling process, or an in-depth audit from waste generation to transport and sale, we will help your business operation realize its full recycling revenue potential. If you're seeking to offload excess materials in a financially and environmentally smart way, reach out to our team to see what a determined group of industry veterans can accomplish on your behalf.

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