Tackling the Challenges of Selling Business Waste

Recycling should be a net positive for your business, not a revenue drain. Berg Mill Supply Co. has a team of industry veterans with the know-how and resources to make your business’ waste streams competitive with virgin raw materials. Whether you have an existing recycling infrastructure in need of fine-tuning or would like to analyze your waste stream to consider the possibilities for implementing a recyclable program, BMS can help you overcome the challenges of transforming waste into profits. Read on for Berg-developed solutions.

Contamination: matching quality with markets

Current market standards allow varying levels of acceptable contamination depending on the waste material. For example, aluminum has a diversity of applications requiring varying degrees of purity. Aluminum with relatively high levels of contamination from extraneous sources, such as paint, labels, and other metals, can be used in engine blocks without interfering with quality or performance. Conversely, aluminum used in electronic circuits or airplane parts must meet strict standards. Depending on your budget constraints and marginal profit goals, Berg Mill’s team can match your material quality with the appropriate market. It isn’t always necessary to invest heavily in costly separation systems or sorting labor.

Upgrading equipment to handle changing waste streams

If you’re in the beginning stages of program design and equipment installation – or if you’d prefer not to install bulky recycling equipment – that’s okay, because Berg Mill can handle mixed loads and has a network of recycling plants where loads can be sorted. They also offer program consultations that include a budgetary analysis to determine the best equipment financing options to suit your needs. Leasing recycling equipment would enable your business to upgrade your sorting and processing technology while avoiding the full-cost burden of ownership, allowing you to pay only on the equipment’s depreciated value.

Promoting materials to maximize profits

The Berg Mill executives and sales team have years of experience marketing materials to match suppliers with the most lucrative markets based on a recycled material’s best and highest use. With a vast network of buyers and the ability to ship to both domestic and major foreign markets, such as China, BMS will find a home for your scrap, providing a steady stream of additional revenue. If your business has trickier materials to sell, BMS is known for innovating niche markets with creative uses for difficult-to-place recyclable waste. If you have waste you’d like to divert for reuse, Berg Mill markets and sells to multiple direct end users for all grades of scrape.

Developing and implementing a recyclable program within existing business infrastructure isn’t as difficult as you might think. Hiring Berg Mill Supply Co. means you can focus on your core business while industry experts find the best and most profitable solution for you. We’ve got the knowledge, the network, and the equipment to get you started. If you’d like to explore the profit-generating possibilities for your waste, call Berg Mill Supply Co. for a consultation today.

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