Welcome to Berg Mill’s New Look!

Welcome all to Berg Mill Supply Company’s new look! We’ve redesigned our website and logo for a fresh, modern look and it’s finally here. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, we thought it was time to update our public face and create a smoother, user-friendly web experience that matches our company’s reputation for quality service. Whether this is your first time on Berg Mill’s site or just your most recent visit, feel free to browse as we show you around.

We’ll share news on our services, happenings in the recycling industry, notifications for materials we’re offering or seeking, and more every week through the updates page. You can sort by category using the listings on the right side of the page or add us to your RSS feed to stay up to date.

Take a look back in time: Our History

Roger Berg made history in 1962 when he formed Berg Mill Supply Company. Under his leadership, our company has successfully navigated sweeping market changes and worldwide financial scares. His grandson Daniel Marks took the helm in 2010 as sole owner. You can learn more about our history, accomplishments, and endeavors on our history page. You’ll find a timeline with important dates and milestones for our business, as well as more background on our founder Roger Berg.

What we do: Our Services

Sift through our services to see what we provide and how we can help you. Each service is completed with customer care in mind. We don’t merely conduct business for profit; we do business to add value and build lasting relationships. Berg Mill Supply offers a personal touch, with extensive experience and knowledge to ensure working with us is a valuable and positive experience for your business.

Featured items: Our Products

You can browse our selection of products that we buy and sell, and view different grades by category. We offer paper, plastic, glass, and metal products in varying grades and mixes.

Berg Mill Supply Co. has been working to eliminate waste from landfills for over 50 years. At this point, we’re bona fide recycling evangelists. Did you know that 75% of Americans waste recyclable items?! We want to continue to spread the word about the importance of recycling and sustainability, and remind everyone that their contribution matters.

We’re ready to serve the needs of producers and consumers as a leader in the industry. Request a quote or contact us with your questions or concerns.