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Paper grades include Mixed paper, News grades #6, #7, #8 and #9, Corrugated Kraft (OCC) #’s 11 and 12, Double Lined Kraft, Saturated Kraft Sorted White Ledger, Coated Book Stock, Office Pack, Magazine and Roll stock.

Plastics cover a broad range of Acrylics, High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) white, colored, opaque bottle, non bottle, resin purge, buckets, drums and shavings.

Light Density Poly Ethylene (LDPE) AG films, clear and printed bags, clear film loose and rolled, mixed baled material, and roll stock loose and rolled.

Polyethylene (PET) bottles, clam shells clear Mylar and printer sheets.

All Polypropylene, Poly Styrene, High Impact Plastics, ABS . Call us with anything and we will provide an answer.

All grades of waste paper

Roll stocks: job lots, re-pulping, and converting

All grades of plastic

Miscellaneous: aluminum printer plates and parts, bottles, CDs and tapes, corded appliances and VCRs, Gaylord boxes, strawberry and watermelon boxes, metal wire and cans, Noryl trays, nylon, and PC CD/DVDs