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Hurricane Irma Disrupts Pulp And Paper Production

This year’s hurricane season has surpassed a number of natural disaster records, including damage-related and economic costs. Damages caused by Hurricane Harvey have been estimated anywhere from $65 billion to $190 billion, while Irma is thought to have caused $50 billion to $100 billion in destruction.   To put this into perspective, Harvey and Irma…
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Is zero waste financially viable for US companies?

Countries around the globe are adopting zero waste to landfill policies to help combat greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and recapture valuable materials. Legislative measures are holding businesses accountable for their waste – from the point of extraction to processing and manufacturing, aiming to replace the disposable economy with a sustainable circular model. While such measures…
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Overcoming the Business Challenges of Single Stream Recycling

Why did municipalities throw sorting to the curb? 80 percent of California jurisdictions offer single stream or mixed curbside collection- a representation of the growing nationwide trend that allows residents to throw paper, plastic, metal, and glass into the same bin. States with ambitious recycling goals, such as California’s 75 percent recycling rate by 2020,…
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