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China’s material bans affect some materials more than others

China makes rumors official, notifies WTO of solid waste imports ban In the latter half of July, China notified the World Trade Organization (WTO) of their proposed solid waste imports ban, citing environmental and human health and safety concerns as the primary reasons for the material embargo. According to the WTO filing, the prohibition will…
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Will Disruptions in China’s Scrap Paper Market Impact US Exports?

Though the Cheng Loong Corporation, the largest recycled containerboard producer in Taiwan, is permanently halting production at its recycled containerboard mill in Pudong, Shanghai, China by the end of this year, they plan to invest $1 billion to build a Ben Cat facility housing numerous board machines with the ability to handle 1 million tons…
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The Auctioning of Plastic Scrap in Hong Kong

Sea containers loaded with plastic scrap from all over the world are not able to enter the People’s Republic of China due to the National Sword inspection regiment. These 5,000 sea containers are currently located in Hong Kong, where they may be auctioned off. They are hoping to auction off these containers to potential buyers…
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Material Recovery Facilities are Being Affected by the Annual Cost of Glass

The high annual cost of glass recycling is having an impact on material recovery facilities. There is an annual net cost of $150 million for material recovery facilities as well as their municipal partners to move recovered glass downstream. To ensure the viability of processing facilities and programs, significant industry-wide efforts are necessary. It is…
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