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What Can The Recycling Industry Expect From Federal Tax Cuts?

  On the whole, the proposed tax reforms are a win for the scrap industry.   Though the recent proposals for tax reform have met with controversy and harsh criticism, corporations and pass-through businesses stand to gain quite a bit from the changes. In addition to direct savings through tax cuts, companies may benefit from…
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Material Recovery: Recycling Industry Contends With The Amazon Effect

What is the Amazon effect?   E-commerce’s ongoing disruption of the traditional brick-and-mortar retail market is known as the Amazon effect. As online shopping becomes the norm, many physical stores have closed their doors, unable to compete with the convenience of click-shopping and the unbeatably low prices of online retailers.   And Amazon’s influence extends…
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China Eases Contamination Thresholds…Slightly

  Though Chinese import restrictions have targeted all materials, scrap paper received a disproportionate blow as Jinping’s government officials planned to reduce the acceptable level of contamination for recycled paper loads to 0.3 percent, intending to fully implement the changes by the end of 2018. For reference, the current standards demand scrap paper imports have…
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Low-Grade Plastic Scrap: Seeking Alternatives After China Cuts Imports

Without China, the US and other countries, including Australia, that heavily rely on exporting recyclables, specifically low-grade plastic scrap, to manage an ever-growing waste stream will have to turn to alternative markets, such as Southeast Asia, India, Latin America, and the Middle East.   However, these markets will never fully replace China’s level of consumption:…
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