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Global Recyclable Market Trends Favor Suppliers

The focus on the recovered paper (RCP) or scrap paper sector began fall of last year with rising prices of old corrugated container (OCC)- familiar to most as cardboard. OCC price hikes caused a butterfly effect of rising prices across most grades of scrap paper, including old newspaper (ONP) and mixed paper. Here's a general…
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Transforming Waste into Business Assets

Why pay to purchase materials and pay to throw them away when you could turn waste into a new source of revenue? Developing a zero-waste business model, including a recyclables-to market program, is a great way to generate entirely new sources of revenue. Business owners and managers have a couple of good reasons to consider…
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Berg Mill’s 3 P’s

At Berg Mill, we realize the reliability of communications profoundly impacts a business' efficiency and profitability. When business communications are substandard, you leave your operation open to surprises and end up scrambling to keep up in a competitive market. To give you the proactive edge, we offer constant communications regarding what we like to call…
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What Does 2017 Have in Store for Sustainability and Recycling?

2016 has come to a close, inspiring the obligatory New Year’s introspection. Last year may have brought you success, but as a business owner or entrepreneur ever in the pursuit of perfection, you're probably wondering how you can further grow your business. If you're a company that generates waste, whether a large distribution center or…
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