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California HDPE plastic manufacturer profits through recycling

There’s a ton of plastic floating in our oceans. In fact, about 8 million metric tons of plastic waste found its way into the sea in 2010 alone. The 2 billion people living in communities within 30 miles of the coast generated over one-third of the 275 million metric tons of plastic waste in 2010.…
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The Auctioning of Plastic Scrap in Hong Kong

Sea containers loaded with plastic scrap from all over the world are not able to enter the People’s Republic of China due to the National Sword inspection regiment. These 5,000 sea containers are currently located in Hong Kong, where they may be auctioned off. They are hoping to auction off these containers to potential buyers…
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Material Recovery Facilities are Being Affected by the Annual Cost of Glass

The high annual cost of glass recycling is having an impact on material recovery facilities. There is an annual net cost of $150 million for material recovery facilities as well as their municipal partners to move recovered glass downstream. To ensure the viability of processing facilities and programs, significant industry-wide efforts are necessary. It is…
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To buy or to lease?

Implementing a recycling program alongside your current business operations is a great way to increase profit margins from waste you’re already generating. All types of businesses, including grocers, retailers, manufacturers, and agricultural operations, can transform their waste stream into a business asset with the right sorting and processing equipment. As with any other business venture,…
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