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China’s material bans affect some materials more than others

China makes rumors official, notifies WTO of solid waste imports ban In the latter half of July, China notified the World Trade Organization (WTO) of their proposed solid waste imports ban, citing environmental and human health and safety concerns as the primary reasons for the material embargo. According to the WTO filing, the prohibition will…
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China Bans 24 Types of Recovered Commodities

The Chinese State Council has recently begun circulating their plans to ban 24 types of solid waste materials, including unsorted recovered paper (RCP), by the end of 2017. The Chinese government’s plan also outlines improvements to the country’s solid waste import management system.  This ban is the next step in a lengthy cleanup effort that…
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Advanced robotics will revolutionize MRF operations

In as few as 5 to 6 short years, sophisticated robotic technology could provoke a major paradigm shift in the recycling industry. While robotics is by no means a nascent branch of science, strides in artificial intelligence (AI) and sensors have enhanced the technology’s capabilities. Major changes are expected on the horizon, according to International…
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