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China Proposes New Import Bans

Last month officially marked a year after China announced their mixed paper import ban. Recyclers have struggled to make progress during this difficult time, and it is about to get even more challenging with China’s most recent announcements. Berg Mill reports the industry updates and how this has affected trade flow. (more…)
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California’s Passion for Recycling No Longer Making an Impact

Environmentally-conscious Californians may have good intentions when they actively recycle, but unfortunately, their efforts have become futile. Not all passionate recyclers are aware of where their recyclables are really headed. This week, we discuss the hardships the industry continues to face and where recyclables are actually going. (more…)
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China’s Neighbors Struggle with Plastic Ban

Scrap plastic is overflowing in Asia, including China’s neighboring countries. Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia are beginning to experience the effects of the plastic ban, causing concern amongst several countries. In this week’s blog we present the updates regarding waste imports and exports as well as the new challenges the industry is facing. (more…)
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From Lazy to Lively: U.S. Recyclers Clean Up Scrap

Old ways of thinking in the industry must change to enhance the quality of exported recyclables. The U.S. is changing the way we collect and sort scrap since China added more strict quality standards. This week, Berg Mill Supply Co. discusses the challenges the U.S. continues to face and what is being done to tackle…
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